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Logogriph is the pseudonym of Keith Williams, who is also co-owner of Espiritus, a business development company. For more details see www.espiritus.co.uk
Logogriph is also one half of a setting partnership with Eclipse. They produce puzzles under the pseudonym of Eclogue, the first of which was published on the Crossword Centre in Dec 09. Details of these puzzles can be found at http://eclogue-eclogue.blogspot.co.uk/
This site is designed both as a resource centre, link community and puzzle centre for British style cryptic crosswords, both blocked and barred puzzles. Should you have any comments or queries on anything on this site, or should you wish to commission a crossword, please do not hesitate to contact me .
Welcome to the logogriph crossword website .
LATEST PUBLISHED PUZZLES Good Fortune by Eclogue Inquisitor - Independent - 8.8.15 Skeleton by Eclogue One Across subscription magazine
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